Welcome to the Data Systems Lab (Big data Lab)

Welcome to the Data Systems Lab (Big Data Lab) at the POSTECH. Our data systems lab focuses on STAR (namely, Systems, Theory, and ARtificial intelligence) supported by major grants such as Star Lab. We have been endeavoring to solve challenging and real problems in computer/data science.

Our goal is to build scalable, intelligent Big data systems that effectively and efficiently deal with Big data. Most of Big data is unstructured data, and thus, it is difficult to handle. We are building a system for converting unstructured data into semi-structured data in a graph form so that it can be easily handled in our distributed graph engines such as TurboGraph/TurboGraph++/iTurboGraph. We are also building an intelligent system to interact with humans through a natural language interface to the database

We are currently hiring interns for this summer (연구 참여학생 모집). This is an amazing opportunity for undergrads to experience world-class research in Big Data and prepare for possible graduate school applications. You could be a rising-STAR of the future if you stand out in our field [detailed info].

We are proud of strong publication records in top database venues such as SIGMOD/VLDB (16 SIGMOD/VLDB papers by our group for the past 5 years), significantly contributing to make the Korean database community one of the strongest communities worldwide. Many of our alumni work for top notch companies including Facebook, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon. We have been closely collaborating with Oracle Labs and SAP for many years.


September 15, 2022

One paper is accepted to Neurips 2022.

June 1, 2022

Welcome to our summer interns (7 excellent students from POSTECH, EPFL (Top university in Swiss), and IIT Delhi (Top university in India)).

Noémie Jacquemot (EPFL), Sangoh Lee (POSTECH), Pushp Raj Singh (IIT Delhi), Dongyeop Woo (POSTECH), Taejun Yoon (POSTECH), Byeongho Yu (POSTECH), Joohyung Yun (POSTECH)

May 4, 2022

One paper is accepted to The VLDB Journal.

Apr. 20, 2022

Congratulations. Our new member, Jaehyun Ha, graduated with Summa Cum Laude (ranked 1st in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at POSTECH).

Mar. 27, 2022

We are looking for intern students this summer. There are several exciting projects including NL2SQL, development of an open source, distributed graph DBMS, data management for AI, AI for data management, and so on. For those who are interested in database systems, we also give opportunities for in-depth study on database systems.

Mar. 9, 2022

One paper is accepted to SIGMOD 2022.

Mar. 2, 2022

One paper is accepted to CVPR 2022.

Feb. 21, 2022

JaeHyun Ha joined our lab.

Feb. 20, 2022

One demo paper is accepted to SIGMOD 2022.

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