Application deadline: 09 June, 2024 (extendable)

Internship period: 17 June - 30 Aug., 2024 (adjustable)

Eligibility criteria

  1. Must be a motivated, proactive, and strong finisher
  2. Must be enrolled in POSTECH
  3. Should meet the required skills for the internship (you should obtain at least the A grade for the database systems course if the topic chosen is related to a data system)
  4. Have experience with programming


Please read this article carefully before your application.

We are currently recruiting multiple student interns on topics related to intersection of (data) System, Theory, and ARtificial intelligence. The applicants should have a strong background in computer science in general.

Please fill this application form if you are interested. Your CV needs to contain various portfolios. You may refer to this one.

Possible topics

  • Implementation of a component in a distributed graph database system (System)
  • Extending a large language model with an external database (NLP)
  • Implementation of a component in a GPU DBMS (System)
  • Anomaly detection (AI)
  • Development of an AI-powered optimizer for graph DBMS (AI+System)
  • Anomaly explanation using deep learning model (AI)
  • Implementation of Neo4J JDBC driver API for S62 (System)
  • Implementation of graph partitioning algorithm using hash trie data structure (System)
  • Multi-modal vector index (AI + System)